Surviving Christmas

Surviving Christmas Podcast  

These stories are comic view on my family at Christmas, written and narrated by me, Edward Gomez.

Stories of how Christmas nearly ended in disaster. Every year. No actual parents were harmed during the making of these podcasts, but several egos were bruised. And my dad singing. A lot.

Remember families are for life and not just for Christmas.

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 Episode 1

Deck The Halls

A drop of port goes down ever so well at Christmas.

 Episode 2

O, Christmas Tree

How much trouble can an unfeasibly large Christmas tree cause?

 Episode 3

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Invite all of your friends for a party at your house on Christmas Eve. What could go wrong?

 Episode 4

Hark! The Herlad Angels Sing

DIY at Christmas? What could possibly go wrong.

 Episode 5

Ding Dong Merrily On High

What happens when an exotic stranger comes to share Christmas lunch with the family.

 Episode 6

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Make sure you keep the receipts for all your wife's presents.